Fake, artificially high financial markets, top right of the chart; Fed Speak = Orwellianland


"What great economic reason would they give that stopped the [Bull Market] narrative in its tracks to then watch it plummet wiping out all the gains of 2014 – to then reverse and edge back...?

There [appears to be] only one: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis president James Bullard.

It is absolutely lost on nearly everyone exactly just how much money the Fed has really injected into the system with nearly nothing to show for but a stock market so fragile: a non voting FOMC member can shake its foundation sending it tumbling wiping out a years worth of gains in days.

Then, just by reversing that statement reinstate it back to its lofty highs.

And the statement? (paraphrasing);

“QE should end” 
[= Fake, artificially high financial markets should fall, top left of the chart]

“QE should continue.” 
[= Fake, artificially high financial markets should continue, bottom of the chart]

Sorry things like that don’t happen in a market based on true economic principles and activity. That only happens when you have a sham of a market.

...the Fed has injected into the market nearly 4 Trillion dollars.
[= Fake, artificially high financial markets, top right of the chart]

That’s $4,000,000,000,000.00"

And now they stopped, or did they?

Other Central Banks are still printing away.

They can still do it and not tell the public, like in 2008 and 9.

They got away with it, so why not do it again to keep most of the population passive?

If they don't keep inflating, and making the markets go up, all the pension funds go under.

Why not kick the can another two years until the next president comes in.

That's essentially what both Bush and Obama have done so far.
Our entire economic paradigm is built upon desperate measures.


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