Ironic Iraq War Quotes

Regime change in Iraq would bring about a number of benefits for the region.

Extremists in the region would have to rethink their strategy of jihad.

Moderates throughout the region would take heart,
and our ability to advance the Israeli-Palestinian peace process
would be enhanced.

Vice President Dick Cheney, Aug. 26, 2002

The administration's top budget official 
estimated today that the cost of a war with Iraq 
could be in the range of $50 billion to $60 billion.

Earlier estimates of $100 billion to $200 billion in Iraq war costs
by Lawrence B. Lindsey, Mr. Bush's former chief economic adviser, were too high.

The New York Times, Dec. 31, 2002

The greatest thing to come out of [invading Iraq] for the world economy
would be $20 a barrel for oil.

Rupert Murdoch, chairman of News Corporation
February 2003

Peacekeeping requirements in Iraq
might be much lower than historical experience in the Balkans suggests.

There's been none of the record in Iraq of ethnic militias fighting one another
that produced so much bloodshed and permanent scars in Bosnia.

Paul Wolfowitz
then deputy secretary of defense, Feb. 27, 2003

Iraq's new government has another able leader in Speaker Mashhadani.

He rejects the use of violence for political ends.

President Bush, May 22, 2006

Some people say 'we saw you beheading, kidnappings and killing.

In the end we even started kidnapping women who are our honor.

These acts are not the work of Iraqis.

I am sure that he who does this is a Jew and the son of a Jew.

Mahmoud Mashhadani
Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, July 13, 2006

I think I would answer that by telling you I don't think we're losing.

Gen. Peter Schoomaker
Army chief of staff
when asked whether we're winning in Iraq, July 14, 2006

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