"Ebola is inflicting an accumulating economic toll of West Africa."

"...Companies and authorities are behind the curve and it’s near enough to certain that Ebola is going to spread to other nations, some outside of Africa.

...Nigeria now has 139 suspected cases up from zero one week ago.

...in a few weeks Nigeria [should] see a large spike in cases owing to the three week incubation period. Ghana and Canada are also investigating new possible cases.

Lagos, Africa’s largest city, [may] grind to a halt in the next month. Nigeria [may] as well.  It [may] be the oil companies of Nigeria that will pull out non-essential personnel and declare force majeur next.

...What if Ebola gets loose in India or China?

...each time Ebola skips a border it [may] freeze that economy. [If] that happens, more incremental steps will be taken

...as a species, we’re chasing a faster moving organism.

...we are several months away at least from any mass production of a workable treatment (and that is highly experimental), let alone a vaccine.

...“The outbreak is moving faster than we can control it,” the WHO’s director-general Margaret Chan told reporters on a telephone briefing from the WHO’s Geneva headquarters.

...Zambia closed its borders to all Ebola effected nations over the weekend. Other nations should follow suit..."


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