"Baker Mitchell no longer a Charter Day School Inc. trustee"; Gov. McCrory now owns this

"Charter Day School Inc. founder and longtime leader Baker Mitchell and treasurer Mark Dudeck are no longer on the school network's board of trustees, according to the Charter Day website.

Several groups, including the StarNews, have questioned Mitchell's position with the nonprofit schools, given he owns the two for-profit companies – Roger Bacon Academy and Coastal Habitat Conservancy – that were paid at least $9 million in the past two school years through management and leasing contracts. Dudeck is the chief financial officer for those companies.

...The Charter Day School Inc. board is responsible for the oversight of four charter schools in Southeastern North Carolina, which are budgeted to receive more than $14 million in public funds from the local, state and federal sources for the 2014-15 school year.

...Last September ...the State Board of Education approved the charter for Mitchell's latest school, South Brunswick, on the condition that he and other employees of his private, for-profit companies left the Charter Day School Inc. board.

...In late July, Greensboro-based political blogger George Hartzman included Mitchell in his complaint to the ethics commission about Senate President Phil Berger.

Mitchell and Dudeck did not return calls for comment for this story. Charter Day trustees Melissa Gott and Dawn Carter, who served with Mitchell and Dudeck, deferred comment to Roger Bacon Academy. Contact information for other trustees, Robert Spencer and Jeremy Dickinson, could not be obtained Thursday.

Roger Bacon Academy spokeswoman Sawyer Batten also did not return requests for comment."

"Gov. Pat McCrory said Thursday that he has signed a charter school bill that drew partisan debate over disclosure of administrators’ salaries...

The bill requires charter schools to abide by the Public Records Law, including disclosure of teacher salaries.

But it does not require the disclosure of names and salaries of administrators hired by for-profit management companies that often contract with charter schools.

As in Baker Mitchell and Mark Dudeck

...McCrory said he has directed the State Board of Education to make sure that charter contracts with private companies were transparent about administrator pay."

If the State Board of Ed doesn't make sure admin pay is transparent, 
McCrory will have broken another promise, 
this time for the benefit of his campaign contributor. (Mitchell)


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