Baker (Charter School Profiteer) Mitchell's Pat McCrory Campaign Contribution

Charter school legislation awaiting Pat McCrory's consent or veto, 
appears to allow Baker Mitchell, who contributed $8,000 to Pat McCrory,
to keep Mitchell's taxpayer funded personal profit secret.



Governor McCrory received a 09/04/2012 contribution 
from Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy' Joseph Maimone
who was appointed to the Charter Advisory Board
by Governor Pat McCrory

"...What is important now is whether McCrory signs the bill, Hartzman said...

The governor originally said he would veto a charter school bill 
that did not require disclosure of how public money is spent.

N&R Editorial Board

Two of N.C. Senate leader Phil Berger’s appointments to the state Charter School Advisory Board resigned this week after several people complained that they had conflicts of interest.

Governor McCrory also received $4000 
from Charter and Private School board member/operator Robert Luddy on 04/25/2012
before Luddy contributed $50,000 to a PAC
supporting Phil Berger Jr.

The latest complaint, filed Monday by local blogger and activist George Hartzman, said Berger had a conflict of interest when he pushed for Senate Bill 793, which shields salaries of some charter school employees from public inspection.

...Paul Norcross and Baker Mitchell..., who both have ties to North Carolina charter schools, sent Berger letters of resignation on Wednesday.

Mitchell, who heads charter schools in Leland, did not respond to requests for comment.

Governor McCrory received a 03/16/2012 contribution 
from Chair of the Board of Pinnacle Classical Academy's Debbie Clary
who serves on the NC Alliance for Public Charter Schools
with Baker Mitchell and Phil Berger Jr.

SB 793, which now awaits Gov. Pat McCrory’s signature, would shield from the public the employee salaries of for-profit companies that manage charter schools.

Govenor McCrory also received a 10/31/2012 contribution 
from Greensboro Academy Vice President Alan Hawkes,
who Phil Berger Sr. appointed to the Charter Advisory Board

Hartzman said that Phil Berger’s son, Phil Berger Jr., would stand to benefit from that loophole as a member of the board of directors for Providence Charter High, a Rockingham County charter school.

Governor McCrory received a 03/13/2012 contribution 
from Providence Charter High School's Phil Berger Jr.,
a taxpayer funded District Attorney
who serves on the NC Alliance for Public Charter Schools
with Baker Mitchell.

...If McCrory fails to veto the bill, Phil Berger Jr. “would be able to take an income from a charter school without anyone knowing about it,” Hartzman said.

Someone should remind the state legislature that charter schools are public schools.

How about it, Governor?

Republican legislators need a reminder after sending a charter school bill to Gov. Pat McCrory this week. It excuses for-profit companies that operate charter schools from disclosing employees’ salaries...

$500 for MCCRORY ON 09/07/2011

Charter schools are public. They receive tax dollars. So, they should be held to the same open records standards and nondiscrimination requirements as traditional public schools.

Charter school management apparently has become a lucrative business...

...When it comes to how much for-private charter school companies pay their executives, there is currently no right to know.

The legislature ...appointed charter school advocates and operators to the state’s charter school advisory board. When vested interests are put in charge, the need for transparency is obvious.

...The governor originally said he would veto a charter school bill that did not require disclosure of how public money is spent. His office now says it is studying the legal implications of the bill’s language. McCrory should reject efforts to treat charter schools as if they are private, for-profit companies that can use tax dollars any way they like...

All public schools must be fair and accountable to everyone.


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