State Representative John M. Blust v Phil Berger Sr. to the Rhino Times detriment?

"What a stunning surprise!

The Rhino Times? 

Roy Carroll, owner of the Rhino Times
contributed to Phil Berger Sr., and John Hammer didn't disclose it
while bashing Jr's opponents.

I read the article and it is filled with half-truths, glaring omissions, and false information. 

John Hammer is a registered Republican
who, with the consent of Roy Carroll, 
went after a Republican challenger with Roy Carroll's paper.

I challenge anyone who has endorsed Berger Jr. to a public forum in which I will ask them about things like mis-appropriating funds from the Howard Coble dinner (and yes, it did happen), bugging the Rockingham county Court House, letting a church arsonist walk free, not being honest with the Greater Greensboro Republican Women about attending a forum, hiding false attacks on opponents behind a "Super PAC" and then claiming you have run a positive campaign, and many, many more things.

I want people who have endorsed Berger to tell me whether they knew/know about these many things and, if so, whether they think these things are fine with them. Because if they do think things like this are OK, they do not share my values.

"Defending our values" should mean first living up to them individually. Taking responsibility for your own actions, particularly in a campaign when you are humbly asking people to trust you with their vote and with their high offices is a value. integrity is a value. I am sick to death of this campaign, which was being conducted honorably by nine men until one of them went negative. How ironic that the very one who went negative would likely have obtained 40% on May 6 with good will from all the losers and their voters, but who now has sown discord and is in a tight run-off that gets uglier every day.

Tell me that it is alright with you for Phil Berger, Sr. to use his position to send $75,000 of money supposed to go for Republican candidates in state races this fall against Democrats into a Super PAC designed to attack Republicans in a primary for Congress [against his son]. 

Phil Berger Sr. is a Republican, 
who used Republican money to go after his son's opponents.

I do not care who did this - it was wrong!

Then don't turn around after I said this and tell me that I "attacked the Berger family," when I only commented truthfully about the official duties or public campaigns of Bergers Jr. and Sr. and especially do not say I have attacked after hundreds of thousands were spent attacking Mark Walker, Zach Matheny, and Bruce VonCannon.

Some can dish out anonymous attacks they make on others falsely, 
but cannot take truthful comments on their own actions."

State Representative John M. Blust [who could replace Phil Berger Sr.]
July 10, 2014

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