State Rep John M. Blust on the Walker Berger race and the Rhino Times

"Last weeks issue of the new Rhino is the last one I will pick up. 

It is no longer credible.

I do not agree that the Walker campaign has been engaged in scurrilous behavior.

It is totally erroneous to contend both campaigns are at fault.

This was a quiet, positive race by nine candidates through early April when the super PAC unleashed false negative attacks on Walker, VonCannon and Matheny. Only VonCannon even had the resources to fight back at all before the May 6th primary.

In the runoff, the PAC has continued to pound away unmercifully.

Only of late has Walker responded at a rate of about 5% for the 95% of the negative attacks coming from the Berger forces.

Then Berger steps it up even more, now calling Walker "deranged, unhinged, pathological liar, unfit for office, etc." It is totally wrong to equally blame the two campaigns when one side started it and did 95% of it.

...Today, in the News & Record, Berger calls this sordid type campaign "big league politics." Sounded to me like Clinton telling Kathleen Willy to "put a little ice on it." I hope, I pray, that Tuesday, good Republicans will reject this sort of ugly campaign and vote for Mark Walker.

I fear if this kind of behavior is rewarded, we will only see more of it. If we are to succeed in taking back this country and putting it on the right path, we must win over a whole lot of our fellow citizens who do not see things our way right now. We have to show them better. We have to be the good guys.

This runoff, I believe is a battle for the soul of the Republican party.

I specifically asked whether this Berger supporter or any elected official who had endorsed Berger thought it was acceptable that Berger had bugged the new Rockingham County court House. Such an eavesdropping system in the court rooms was not included in the plans for the court house. None of the county commissioners was apprised of this. No money was appropriated for this. There was no explanation as to where the money cam from for the system and no indication who at the time of the construction ordered the system and who actually installed it. The judges were not a aware of the eavesdropping system, the Sheriff who provides the bailiffs for the court rooms was not aware. The clerk of court who staffs the court rooms was not told. Defense attorneys were not made aware. The only place there was access to the eavesdropping was in the DA's office. An assistant clerk accidentally discovered it one day, reported it to the infuriated judges, who entered an order prohibiting its use, which gave the DA and advantage at trials and enabled the DA to hear conversations he was not a party to.

Berger has never provided an explanation of this sordid event. He has never come clean...

I have asked on some occasions in the last few days if any person endorsing Berger knew of a list of particular things Berger had done when they made their endorsement and whether they would state publicly that the items on this list made any difference to them. ...No one who has endorsed Berger has been willing to respond. I truly believe these are good people who simply did not know all the facts when they endorsed.

A few of the Berger people have gotten on me for bringing up things that reflect badly on Berger. They claim I am giving ammunition to the Democrats. Where was their concern when a quiet, positive race was jolted into the gutter when "Keep Conservatives United" started blasting Mark Walker, Zach Matheny, and Bruce VonCannon with around $300,000 of negative, usually untruthful attacks back in April and continuing with Mark Walker until today? After spending this massive amount of money attacking others, they should not cry foul when another candidate merely answers back.

...why can't they apply the standard of truthfulness they demand of Walker to their own candidate, whose campaign now entirely consists of constantly calling Walker a liar.

Being conservative doesn't mean having to be personally nasty. I think we can win over a lot of voters if we act with humility and good will as conservatives and carefully articulate why our principles will help make the lives of even groups that tend to bote Democrat better. Being abrasive, arrogant, and spouting only conservative sound bites doesore harm than good.

After this ugly primary, made ugly by the tactics of one of the candidates, either one who wins will have to work hard to win in November...

I just have yo believe that the inherent goodness of Republican base voters will see through the nonsense and the smokescreens and the deception and the arrogance and do the right thing.

I just saw yet another disgusting television ad against Walker by Keep Conservatives United on Fox News...

Keeping Conservatives United false attacks definitely backfired.

They call Mark Walker a liar - but when the story about the diversion of money from the Coble dinner to the Berger headquarters came out, Berger claimed Norcross had no affiliation with his campaign."

State Representative John M. Blust
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