Paul Norcross' no-bid contract for himself paid for with taxpayer money?

"Norcross also has business interests that could conflict with his role on the state committee, though Norcross says no conflict exists.

Norcross was a founder of the charter school Phoenix Academy in High Point, where his wife now serves as the high school superintendent. He’s a proposed board member of the Mendenhall County Day School...

To run that school,  Norcross and his wife set up a company called Phoenix Systems, Inc., that would contract with the Mendenhall charter school to manage it...

The 79-page Mendenhall application says the company run by the Norcrosses would provide “School Management expertise and experience that will make our school the tremendous success that it is destined to become in the same way that they started and operate Phoenix Academy in High Point.”

But whether or not taxpayers get a fair price for the services isn’t guaranteed — North Carolina law does not require public charter schools to follow the state’s strict purchasing laws, which require public organizations to seek bids for services and select the lowest bids."


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