On the Phil Bergers and Corporatocracy

"The modern-day conflation of corporate and public interests, [of which the Phil Bergers appear to be clearly involved] forms the bedrock of what is likely the most dangerous ideology to afflict humanity.

Domestically, it creates a "predator" economic system which disembowels the public domain by creating “new” markets which unnecessarily imperil the public’s health, safety, freedom, and material well-being.  

Internationally, it manifests itself as corporate-driven imperial conquest which divides and ruins target countries as it destabilizes political economies...

Corporate profit is the foundation of this ideology.  Beneath the lies of the corporatocracy is directionless profit-making that is oblivious to—if not contemptuous of—common sense and the public’s best interests.

...profit-driven corporations, [like some charter schools supported by the Bergers], have developed “new” and lucrative markets with tremendous legislative clout.

...In this closed-loop dynamic, ...corporations that lobby for newly-created – and counter-productive markets [charter schools that enrich their founders, thrive] as the money flows from the tax base to the “new” markets.

...there has been a century in which American citizens were often manipulated to support policies that were not in their own interests, [like some charter schools supported by the Phil Bergers, which looks like it includes Phil Berger Jr's charter school, approved by a stacked board by his father].


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