News Observer on McCrory and Charter School Bill 793 and Phil Berger

"McCrory ...can start by saying no to bills ...like radical charter school legislation passed Friday that allows for-profit charter management representatives to be on the charter boards that pay their salaries.

no legislator shall participate in a legislative action 
if the legislator knows the legislator or a person 
with which the legislator is associated 
may incur a reasonably foreseeable financial benefit from the action

§ 138A-37.  Legislator participation in legislative actions

 The bill also exposes LGBT children to discrimination, and it shields some charter salaries from public view.

Legislation approved by the Senate, which Phil Berger Sr. voted for, 
appears to allow management companies running taxpayer funded charter schools 
to keep their employees’ salaries secret, 
which would lead most to believe Berger Sr. perverted the political process
to benefit associates and family members.

McCrory opposes that last part – or at least he said so earlier this month.

Will he oppose it again?

Phil Berger Jr., who has an approved charter school in Rockingham County,
appears to be a potential beneficiary from the legislation.

After all, everyone likes a leader they can believe.

Politically speaking, of course.

Peter St. Onge is an associate editor on the Charlotte Observer’s editorial board.

Paul Norcross, Phil Berger Jr's Chief Political Adviser, 
whose father is Phil Berger Sr., 
personally profits from a charter school via a management contract. 

Phil Berger Sr. participated in a legislative action knowing persons that 
"may incur a reasonably foreseeable financial benefit from the action", 
including Alan Hawkes, Baker Mitchell, Paul Norcross and Phil Berger Jr.

The legislation may very well personally benefit Phil Berger Sr's son
without taxpayer disclosure, based on the advocacy of Berger Sr., 
for the benefit of Berger Jr. and Hawkes, Norcross and Mitchell.


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