"Charter School Boondoggle"; Is this what Phil Berger Jr. and his chief political adviser are into?

"...charter schools have operated for well over a decade, have had loose regulations..., and a Beltway-based think tank serving as a charter sponsor.

...the primary beneficiary of legislation favoring White Hat run charter schools ...“has poured more than $4 million into the coffers of Republican candidates in the last decade.”

Charter School Cash Cow

...exorbitant costs associated with charter school operations and lavish CEO salaries and bonuses for charter school operators...

...charters have gamed the system for special education funding, resulting in annual profits of $200 million to the schools.

...“Charter schools collected $350,562,878 last year for special education funding and spent $156,003,034 for special education! Where did the other $200 million go?

...A yearlong investigation found, “Wasteful spending and double-dipping. Board members, school founders and employees steering lucrative deals to themselves or insiders...

...a real estate/investment firm bought property for $375,000 that it sold six days later to a charter school, for $425,000. The quick $50,000 profit went to founders of the firm – one the president of school’s management company, the other married to the school’s top administrator.

Sounds like what Robbie Perkins, who endorsed Phil Berger Jr. did
when he sold the shopping center on Church Street and 150
3 days after he recieved a tax incentive from Guilford County taxpayers.

At another charter school, members of the founder’s family were paid to provide meals and maintenance to the school,” and “family members still rent the building to the school or collect a management fee for running it.”

…virtually anyone can open or run a charter school and spend public education money with near impunity.”


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