Camel City Dispatch on the Phil Bergers and Mark Walker

Senator Phil Berger is the president pro tem of the Senate. 

He can make a bill disappear into committee and never be seen again. 

Should I come out against the son of that powerful man?

State Representative John Blust (R-NC62)

...Blust, BJ Barnes, the Republican Sheriff of Guilford County, and Little Phil’s primary opponent for the 6th Congressional District, Mark Walker, called for an ethics committee and Federal investigation into possible campaign violations, including direct co-ordination between a campaign and a PAC.

...According to these three Republicans, Daddy Phil has leveraged his stranglehold on North Carolina politics in order to funnel contributions to a super PAC that since January 2014 has rolled out a wallet of $200,000 for his son. The money was spent on ads in praise of Little Phil and his superior white, male, Christianess while attacking his opponents with ... mudslinging vitriol...

The PAC even uses footage shot by Little Phil’s campaign in their ads.

The SuperPAC, which with Orwellian perfection is named Keep Conservatives United, has been on the full bums-rush against Mark Walker for months now.

...At the press conference and in a press kit I got from the Walker campaign, there are some ethically questionable donations to Keep Conservatives United as it relates to Little Phil and his Congressional hopes. One major and ultimately problematic $75,000 contribution from the Republican State Leadership Committee smells like raw, un-filtered nepotism.

The optics are pretty rotten considering that in 2013 Daddy Phil served as the chairman of the RSLC and currently sits on its executive committee. Apparently the North Carolina Senate (or at least their leadership) has picked their winner.

Then there’s that 50 grand that Charter School magnate Robert Luddy dropped into Keep Conservatives United... that served as their seed money. I’m sure that the fact that Luddy has a vested interest in two pieces of legislation that are currently working their way through the North Carolina Senate had nothing to do with his generosity. Because SB 793 and SB 744 are still in play, Luddy is not legally allowed to contribute directly to any North Carolina legislator during the session when his legislation is on the table. According to Daddy Phil’s fellow Republicans, what Luddy did instead was donate the maximum allowed by law to Little Phil’s congressional campaign in June of 2014 and also provided the 50k to the [Bob Harris] over at Keep Conservatives United which they have used to exclusively campaign for Little Phil and go at Walker and the other primary opponents hammer & tongs.

When you’re creating a family based political dynasty the next generation has to be put together, and no one on the ground in NC except Little Phil has a daddy with that kind of juice in North Carolina.

...Little Phil isn’t as slick as Big Daddy, though. He’s already gotten caught in one lie to the Greensboro News & Record after first denying Walker’s charges then admitting that they are true, but insisting that he, Daddy Phil, and Keep Conservatives United ...had little to do with one another. Little Phil’s campaign manager Peter Barnes told the News & Record, “How can a man who touts his Christian character in one breath bear false witness against his neighbor in his next breath?”

...You’re going to try to hide behind the cross?

There’s no advantage to this, and it’s dangerous. 

Whatever may come, I have to take the hit. 

But as an elected official, 
I believe I should be able to speak my mind without fear of retribution.

State Representative John Blust (R-NC62)

...What comes next? Daddy Phil should probably find Jim Black and find out what the fall will feel like. He’ll find Black in Charlotte somewhere… last I heard he was out of jail.


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