"Owning our corporations rather than our Treasuries helps the Chinese break up US dollar hegemony."

"Central banks have the power to create national currencies with accounting entries, and they are traditionally very secretive. We are not allowed to peer into their books.

...What is to stop a foreign bank from simply printing its own currency and trading it on the currency market for dollars, to be invested in the US stock market or US real estate market?  What is to stop central banks from printing up money competitively, in a mad rush to own the world’s largest companies?

“It does not matter who is president as far as the Fed is concerned. 

There are no other agencies that can overrule the action we take.”

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan

...the People’s Bank of China ...cannot print dollars or Euros. Rather, it acquires them from local merchants who have earned them legitimately in foreign trade.

...It trades the yuan for the dollars earned by Chinese sellers, who need local currency to pay their workers and suppliers.

...The merchants have been paid in yuan and the central bank has an equivalent sum in dollars or Euros. That means the Chinese central bank’s holdings are created out of thin air no less than the Federal Reserve’s dollars are.

The PBoC is no more transparent than the US Fed, but it is not an “independent” central bank. It is a government agency accountable to the Chinese government and acting on its behalf.  The Chinese have evidently figured out the game of the “independent” central bankers, and [look] to be using it to their own advantage. If the Fed can do quantitative easing, so can the Chinese – and buy up our assets with the proceeds. Owning our corporations rather than our Treasuries helps the Chinese break up US dollar hegemony.


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Peak Ponzi; "...since March 2009, central banks have led the recovery in global stock market prices..." = Rigged Markets


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