Looks like Phil Berger Jr's chief political adviser Paul Norcross has prior charter school related ethics issues, of which it looks like Jr stood to personally benefit from

"A charter school advocate wants the state ethics commission to investigate whether a conflict of interest hurt a school’s charter application.

Eddie Goodall, the executive director of the N.C. Public Charter Schools Association, is complaining that Paul Norcross and Baker Mitchell should have recused themselves from a May 12 vote on the charter application for Bastiat Classical School.

Did Paul Norcross vote to approve Phil Berger Jr's charter school?

With their votes, the school’s application failed 5-4, according to Goodall’s complaint.

Norcross and Mitchell serve on the state’s charter school advisory board.

The advisory board recommends to the State Board of Education whether to grant or deny charter applications.

Goodall argued that the board should not include members tied to an organization that collects dues and fees from schools the board regulates.

How about members tied to personally profiting from charter schools
in the same state?

In some cases, schools seeking a charter might automatically have two votes against them, he said.  “That was a case where they just really went too far,” Goodall said of the May 12 vote.

Goodall said he filed complaints last week against Norcross and Mitchell.

...Norcross, who cofounded and is still involved in Phoenix Academy in High Point, declined to comment.


Did NC District 6 Congressional Candidate Phil Berger Jr. stand to profit from his approved charter school?; It looks like Norcross and Luddy do.


Philip Berger, Sr.'s Campaign Finances, Robert Luddy, Charter Schools and Phil Berger Jr.

Is this what Phil Berger Jr's big financial backers want with Jr in DC?

Phil Berger Jr. supporter Robert Luddy's $4,520,000 loan to Thales Academy 

How much does Phil Berger Jr.'s chief political adviser and his wife make at taxpayer funded Phoenix Academy Charter School?


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