This looks like why Mike Barber freaked out about naming salaries of non profits doing business with Greensboro.

His City of Greensboro disclosure statement makes no mention of it.

He took an out sized salary compared to 10 other First Tee orgs.

His accounting cost spiked the year he took over.

He is funding his income from the non profit with taxpayer subsidized free services from city owned Gillespie Golf Course.

First Tee of Charlotte shows $58,068 for Golf facility fees.

Many other First Tee organizations use much of their revenue for golf course fees and cart rentals.

Mike Barber's name is on this from 2010 filing.

Page 14, Public Support, Item 3; The value of services or facilities furnished by a government unit to the organization without charge.


Same on the next page, item 5.

Page 18 says they compared compensation of like entities.



Page 14 and 15, same thing; Blank.


Same thing.


The city gave First Tee 250 hours of programming etc...

Bottom of page 3 and on page 4 of the contract attachment.

Barber took the job knowing of the government provided benefit and didn't report it on the return 3 times.

Barber admits doing the 990, and looks like he omitted on the tax returns.

Barber omitted the city funded benefit on his City Council disclosure form.

Golf Fore! Fun, Inc. doing business as The First Tee of the Triad's 2010 IRS form 990 for non-profits, listed Michael Barber as a principal officer.

The document was signed by Michael Barber on November 14th, 2011,

Accounting charge in 2010 was = $1,739, and the accountant was James Thore in Winston.

Arthur Winstead Jr. charged $1,995 in 2011.

Arthur charged $15,000 in 2012, by far higher as a percentage of revenues than 10 other First Tee organizations located elsewhere. Also a round number, which is unusual.

Both Mike Barber's Political Campaign and First Tee Accountant is the same fellow.

Arthur was Mike Barber's 2013 City Council campaign treasurer, but doesn't appear to have taken any compensation and donated $250 on 9/17/2013.

In 2012, Barber's salary was much larger as a percentage of revenue than more than 10 other First Tee organizations.

The 990's say the organization monitors "any questionable activities", and the personnel committee does an annual comparison of compensation for other nonprofits with a similar operating budget."
Notable First Tee Board Members; Mark Brazil (Wyndham), Carole Bruce (Bryan Foundation and Civil Rights museum), George Clopton (Civil Rights Museum)
Mike Barber's City Council Economic Interest Disclosure signed on February 24, 2014, does not list First Tee as a beneficiary of City of Greensboro's Gift Agreement at Gillespie Golf Course, which means Mike omitted the information on his disclosure.

"Question 6(a) During the preceding calendar year, were you... [affiliated with] ...a nonprofit corporation...

"The First Tee of the Triad - CEO"

Mike Barber

6(b) If the listed nonprofit corporation or organizations do business with the City or receive City funds, please provide a brief description or the nature of that business, if known, or with which due diligence could reasonably be known.


Mike Barber

7. During the preceding calendar year, were you... [affiliated with] ...a nonprofit corporation... which has an interest pertaining to subject matter areas over which the city may have jurisdiction?

Answer has a line drawn through the boxes"
If Mike has the course, revenues are lost to city taxpayers.

Mike doesn't pay for course fees, meaning a significant portion of First Tee's revenues flow into Barber's pockets instead of paying for golf fees subsidized by City taxpayers.

I believe Mike makes money off of free city golf course fees, and omitted it on his disclosure form, and then did it again;

"The City of Greensboro provides no funding to our Chapter...

"We do however, ...provide programming for 8 weeks in the spring and fall at Gillespie.

Greensboro Parks and Rec do not provide golf with life skills for kids and we fill that void at no cost to the city.

The organization 6 years ago signed an agreement with the city for The First Tee of the Triad to serve its kids at Gillespie..."

Mike Barber
April 4, 2014

That must be why he had a cow about naming names.
Dear Mr. Hartzman:

Thank you for your public information request regarding the Wyndham Championship. 

The City of Greensboro provided 4 bleachers; however, The City does not currently have a rental fee associated with them.  The City also donated 40 bike racks which are normally $15.00 to rent ($600).

GPD dedicated approximately 2,670.75 man hours to the Wyndham Championship, paying officers a total of $107,022.08. These funds were forecasted and allocated by the City as part of the annual budget for city-sponsored events.
It shows City funding for the Wyndham.

Wyndham's Chair is on Barber's board.

Wyndham gave to fund First Tee.

Barber's income comes from First Tee.

Barber's First Tee income is dependent on the City of Greensboro via Gillespie Golf Course and the City of Greensboro subsidized Wyndham Championship via Mark Brazil, who sits on both the Wyndham and First Tee of the Triad's boards.

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