Trojan Horse Scam

"...a trojan horse is an ...offer ...designed to draw potential [Marks] by offering them ...something of value for acceptance, but following acceptance, the buyer is forced to spend a much larger amount of money, ...by being signed into a lengthy contract, from which exit is difficult...

The harmful consequences faced by the [Mark] ...may include spending far above market rate [or a] large amount of debt...
...the victim of the trojan horse is likely to end up spending far more money over time, either through continual withdrawals from the [Mark's indebtedness] ...or add-ons to a bill that must be paid in order to avoid loss of an object or service of prime importance (such as [police, fire or energy]).

...Auto-manufacturers and car dealerships will often advertise free or subsidized gas to car buyers for a certain amount of time, but increase the cost of the car in other ways."

Trojan Horse Scam

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Billy Jones said...

Or a performing arts center financed via a "public-private partnership."