"County tax ad bill slashed" by Jamestown News' Charles Womack

"Last year, the county spent about $80,350 on tax advertising in the News & Record, about $9,900 with the High Point Enterprise and about $7,725 with the Carolina Peacemaker.

This year, they'll spend just $5,945.

The difference: this year they'll be advertising with just one newspaper, the Jamestown News, [owned by Charles Womack, who also owns Yes Weekly].

One of the county's smallest newspapers, the News submitted the lowest bid when the county announced in February that they would pay as little as they could to advertise the delinquencies while still satisfying state law.

There were two other bidders - the News & Record and the Carolina Peacemaker.

The debate was sparked by last year’s attempt to change a state law requiring that counties advertise the names of tax delinquents in newspapers with paid subscribers.

...The move has its fans though - like local blogger Keith Brown, who has been raging against the advertisements as a waste of taxpayer money since well before the state made its move."


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