On the Rhino's John Hammer, Downtown Greensboro Inc., and what appears to be a bit of bigotry

This week Downtown Greensboro Inc. [DGI] 
once again agreed to fund the Fun Fourth Festival with a $5,000 grant.

John Hammer

John Hammer was not at the meeting in question,
but may have been informed of the vote by Roy Carroll's employee Al Leonard
who represents Carroll Companies/Roy on the board
who utilized a Robert's Rules of Order manuveur
to eliminate a motion by Eric Robert and seconded by Simonne McClinton.

The vote on funding the annual Fourth of July celebration was 19 to 1.

The single vote against the Fourth of July was cast by Eric Robert, 
the lone Frenchman on the board.

John Hammer

Per today's DGI meeting, my understanding is the vote was not 19 to 1,
meaning John Hammer's reporting was incorrect,
and the vote didn't involve 7/4 funding,
but to have the entire board vote on funding,
which the executive committee suddendly found it was in charge of,
unlike the recent past.

From the vote against the July 4 celebration 
you would think that Robert was British not French.

John Hammer

"I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think,
well, if they attack one personally,
it means they have not a single political argument left."

Margaret Thatcher

Sounds like Eric tried to debate allocations of DGI monies to Betty Cone and Grassroots,
decided by the highly connected executive committee behind closed doors
and Al Leonard and those who knew how to play who objected to an open debate
used procedural methods to violate the agreement with Eric
with a substitute motion to end the debate.

Why is an executive committee of only 5 members
authorized to decide on the allocation of large sums of monies to old board and current board members
bypassing the approval of the larger 20 + member board?

...if someone does not like your "insolence" in your questioning of their behavior,
they will invoke some obscure motion only known to the seasoned non-profit professional deceivers,
and instantly shut you up...

...half the current board (including me) still does not know what the fuck happened,
or even how they voted.

Eric Robert

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"Why would the cartoonist choose to portray the convicts speaking in a phony,
minstrel-show dialect?

(African-American English doesn't inflect 3rd-person plural verbs
with "-s" as the cartoon does in "builds" and "pays.)

Is he making a real attempt to represent black speech,
but is too ignorant to do so?

Or is he being intentionally provocative by evoking a form of entertainment
that is particularly demeaning to black people?

And why choose to portray both convicts as African-Americans?

In any case, I have a hard time seeing the cartoon as anything but a deliberate racial provocation
-- one that I find both disgusting and depressing."

David Wharton

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