"How monetary policy drives foreign policy"

From those to whom much has been given,
from them much shall be expected.


"...The Fed, exporting monetary chaos implicitely in order to weaken the status of potentially competing reserve currencies:

The Fed prints money to finance the US deficit.

The Fed prints to keep the current economic and political power structure in tact.

Wall Street sent a tsunami of bad AAA-rated mortgage debt to [Asia], Europe, much to Germany, the locus of power for the Euro (and again, implicit admission of guilt is seen in the apparent fronting of billions of bailout dollars to the European banks [and many of thier Asian Sovrein clients] by the Fed after the crisis);

...the Ukraine [issue] increases the likelihood of war in Europe dramatically, therefore sending pools of liquid financial assets in the world scurrying into the greenback and US Treasuries, which the Chinese have stopped gobbling up;

As the Fed tapers, who is going to buy our debt?

Will the printing ever end?

Is increasing the amount of money really taxation without representation?

...What the Ukrainians want is democracy and relief from their corrupt plutocrats.

...Ukraine has been looted by its oligarchs, just as Russia was, and just as the US is being looted by its oligarchs right now; incomes of a majority of American households are falling so the banks can collect on bad debts.

For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent

The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America

...it's not clear the EU, if it offers help, won't be ripped off by the oligarchs as well.

The new government in the Ukraine has already increased the power of the oligarchs by giving them provinces to rule, so it's not clear the Western "rescuers" are even able to help solve the fundamental problem at all, and might end up losing their shirts again, as they have in Greece, Portugal, et al.

...what the world needs now is a global debt for equity swap.

...What the world needs now is a global jubilee, debt forgiveness.

Is it immoral to borrow from a nation's children
to fund a more pleasant present for the status quo
as taxes rise via higher consumer staples prices
hitting the bottom of the income/wealth strata by far more than the top?

The debt that the Fed is shoving under the carpet via QE is what is known in banking circles as "bad debt." It is loans that never should have been made because they will never be repaid. ...such debts [are supposed to] come out of the profits (as losses) of the banks that made them. In crony capitalism, with a central bank controlled by the banks, such debts are "paid back" by being monetized and put on the backs of the taxpayers either directly or through inflation.

...Chaos in the world = a strong dollar.

If the US Constitution says
All bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives
and the Federal Reserve announces
Purchases will be financed through the creation of additional bank reserves
to buy Treasury securities,
is creating money out of nothingness raising revenue?

Until it doesn't.

Chaos has a way of being unpredictable.

Has the Federal Reserve subverted the constitution
by allowing an unelected private entity to raise revenues
instead of the House of Representatives?

[Crony] Capitalism has killed democracy.

"Free" markets dominated by monopolies and oligopolies are not what Adam Smith had in mind.

It's time for democracy to be reborn."


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