The Rhino's John Hammer Trolling Congressional Candidates for Advertising Revenue; Bruce VonCannon Edition

"...if we had daily tracking numbers for that race, I think Bruce VonCannon would be moving up fast in the outside lane.  Whether he can sustain the pace is the question.  But with television and radio advertising, VonCannon has gone from the least-well-known candidate to the best-well-known candidate.  Really, nobody outside of Greensboro knows who Zack Matheny is.  Phil Berger Jr. was elected district attorney of Rockingham County, but most of the voters in the 6th District don’t live in Rockingham County.  Rev. Mark Walker is well known at Lawndale Baptist Church, but the 6th District is 10 counties.

It would appear that VonCannon has the right idea. 

The only way to reach the voters is through advertising. 

Although he does need to do some print advertising."


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Anonymous said...

His radio advert on Rush Radio is so cheesy and patronizing, anybody who votes for this MF should look closely. I haven't looked at the dude. I'm not an anti- voncannon troll, but that radio ad on 94.5 is annoying as hell.