On Campaign Signs

"Temporary Campaign Signs ...must be located on private property with the property owner’s permission."


Illegal Robbie Perkins signs on the corner of Ball Street and Phillips Avenue

[What about owners of rental properties putting signs in front of thier tenent's homes, like Dawn Chaney?]

Nancy Hoffmann, 2222 Walker Avenue real estate rental property of Dawn Chaney

"Temporary campaign signs must be located outside the public street right-of-way and not be placed in a way as to be a sight obstruction."

Illegal Robbie Perkins signs at the intersection of English and Bessemer

"Rights-of-way are public property dedicated to and controlled by the City for the purpose of maintaining public infrastructure.

Private utility easements, such as for power lines, function similarly to public rights-of-way...

Rights-of way limits vary depending on the road but can generally be determined by looking from the edge of the road or curb:

• Back edge of the sidewalk
• Utility pole
• Fire hydrant

Any sign installed on public property or in public rights of way will be removed."


"Prohibited signs

• Portable signs legible from public rights of way

• Series of 2 or more signs with same message"

Robbie signs at East Market Square; leasing agent is the Alston Realty Group

"• Signs that cause a sight obstruction"

Illegal Robbie Perkins Sign on the median of Wendover and English

"If you would like to file a complaint about a sign, please call the City’s Contact Center at 336-373-2489."

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