City of Greensboro's Andy Scott on the Bessemer Shopping Center sale to the Renaissance Center Group

The internal estimate is the highest?
How can the RCC do the same job for $608,894 less?

§ 160A-457(4); Acquisition and disposition of property for redevelopment; To sell, exchange, or otherwise transfer real property or any interest therein in a community development project area to any redeveloper at private sale for residential, recreational, commercial, industrial or other uses or for public use in accordance with the community development plan, subject to such covenants, conditions and restrictions as may be deemed to be in the public interest or to carry out the purposes of this Article; provided that such sale, exchange or other transfer, and any agreement relating thereto, may be made only after approval of the municipal governing body and after a public hearing; a notice of the public hearing shall be given once a week for two successive weeks in a newspaper having general circulation in the municipality, and the notice shall be published the first time not less than 10 days nor more than 25 days preceding the public hearing; and the notice shall disclose the terms of the sale, exchange or transfer. At the public hearing the appraised value of the property to be sold, exchanged or transferred shall be disclosed; and the consideration for the conveyance shall not be less than the appraised value.

Has anyone seen the appraised Value?
Was there a public hearing, with a notice beforehand disclosing the terms of the sale?

There wasn't a published notice.

There wasn't a public hearing.

The appraised value was never disclosed.

The above vote was illegal.

The city received a bid from a non RFP entity and didn't advertise an upset bid for a better offer,
which was illegal.

Some council members voted for this illegal deal to gain the Simkins PAC endorsement.
Who are the principals of the Renaissance Center Group?
How much is the tri-party agreement going to cost the city?
Who picked The Concerned Citizens of Greensboro and why?
What was the process for picking The Concerned Citizens of Greensboro?
Shouldn't the non-profit opportunity be RFP'd?
How much does Ralph Johnson plan to make on the deal?

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