On the Rhino and journalism ethics: publishers, reporters and those who endorse political candidates "giving" complimentary anything

Back scratching exposed,
newspaper publisher offers gifts to city council member


Why are some bloggers who report on some of what most mainstream media won’t,
often criticized or ignored by some well-established for-profit pundits
who receive political advertising revenues from local campaign war chests?

Keith Brown at Triad Watch uncovers an email from William Hammer,
publisher of the local weekly newspaper The Rhino Times,
offering Greensboro City Council person Mary Rakestraw free event tickets.


Why would some mainstream media personalities criticize policy positions of some,
while swapping undisclosed and/or indirect compensation from others
interested in non-attributed dissention?

Let me try to explain to all local elected officials.

You should not be taking free tickets to any event or concert, PERIOD.

Kieth Brown

Should owner/employees of a "news" source
with a trade/barter agreement with a publicly owned venue
(The Greensboro Coliseum),
offer local candidates or elected officials free anything
if the "news" source intends to solicit political candidate advertising dollars
and publishes "endorsements" before local elections?

Could "giving" away free bees to elected officials be considered a bribe?

Could some believe accepting free passes to a publicly owned venue,
as opposed to elected or the municipally employed paying for entry
be considered to be stealing from taxpayers?

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