Mayor Perkins and Crony Capitalist Roy Carroll seeking millions in taxpayers monies for water and sewer to Eastern Guilford County

After seeing that the Triad Business Journal is doing their bidding for Roy Carroll
to get his property shovel ready for over $4 million dollars
in Greensboro bond money CLICKHERE .

Someone needs to point out the close relationship between local developer Roy Carroll
and mayor Robbie Perkins


When we see Roy Carroll wanting this $4 million dollars in bond money
we also need to be reminded as to who is Roy Carroll's leasing agent
 for plenty of these endeavors all over Greensboro
from properties on elm street near the Super Wal Mart to the Center Pointe building downtown
to the property off of Horse Pen Creek Road
it is none other than NAI Piedmont Triad Commercial properties president and partner
along with being Greensboro's Mayor Robbie Perkins.

 $4 million in bond money for Roy Carroll
was taken off the Greensboro City Council for the second time CLICKHERE

This proposal to give developer Roy Carroll over $4 million dollars in this bond money
has been shopped around to all the sitting Greensboro City Council members
and knew that Roy Carroll didn't have the votes for this to pass
and you see how they have delayed this for the past few Greensboro City Council meetings
and if we see this agenda item back up again in front of council
it was already approved by a majority of council members before it ever made it to the agenda.

Anytime you see Roy Carroll doing business in front of council
remember who his leasing agent is in Robbie Perkins.

It would be interesting to see if any local media outlet will do any investigative reporting
to see just how close this relationship is because we already have Robbie Perkins
texting him from council chambers all the way to China
with this post titled "Greensboro City Council Member Robbie Perkins Text Messages
to developer Roy Carroll during council meetings,
any Ethical Questions? CLICKHERE

As you see from the parody picture above
if Robbie Perkins the Mayor of Greensboro watch out the TREBIC CARTEL
will be on cloud nine
and Roy Carroll will have his own red line phone to the mayors office.

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