W.E. Heasley on Allen Johnson's Editorial on the Noise Ordinance and Center Pointe, where Robbie Perkins owns a condo

“Downtown stakeholders are notorious for digging in,
whether it's on design guides for new buildings
or safety rules for nightclubs
or how much noise is appropriate when and where.

There is enough middle ground for all parties
to reach an adult solution.”

Allen Johnson

"What Mr. Johnson fails to point out is “why”
we have competing “downtown stakeholders” with competing interests.

“Why” can be traced back to the wizards of smart
attracting two diametrically opposite economic sectors to the downtown area:
entertainment and [owner occupied] habitational.

One makes noise, one wants serenity.

A brilliant combination brought to you by the wizards of brilliance.

Hence its not a case of competing downtown stakeholders,
its...bringing together diametric opposites
who are forced to compete via the stellar brilliance
of the wizards of nitwitery.

Following through logically, its not a noise ordinance,
it’s a nitwitery ordinance."

W.E. Heasley

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