SamH: "G’boro downtown noise ordinance", Roy Carroll, Robbie Perkins, PAC and Grasshoppers Baseball

"The N&R reports the proposed downtown noise ordinance
on tonight’s Greensboro City Council agenda
“was prompted by downtown residents bothered by night club noise.”

Said nightclub is Greene Street and its rooftop tent parties,
and sources tell me said ‘downtown resident’
is high powered developer Roy Carroll,
who lives two blocks away in his Center Pointe high-rise condo.

Triadwatch says Mayor Robbie Perkins
–who reportedly also lives in Center Pointe —- is losing sleep, too.

...this is another unintended consequence
of cites promoting high-density urban development...

like any good central planning scheme,
cascading unintended consequences abound.

W. E. Heasley

"...the idea of placing...a state-of-the-art performing arts center
"downtown" is to drive more human traffic,
which ostensibly would generate more (amplified) noise.

You also have to wonder how the ordinance
would affect an extra-inning game at new Bridge Bank Park,
which Center Pointe overlooks.

I wonder if anyone’s thought about all this?"


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Anonymous said...

Why don't the two of them move out into the county and leave everyone alone.