Profound on Greensboro's Performing Arts Center Project and DPAC, by W. E. Heasley

The Durham PAC hosts more than 300,000 visitors
and generates more than $11M in economic activity annually.

"The opportunity cost of, for instance, the $48 million debt,
associated debt service, and obvious cost of the annual subsidyin the Durham example
is to forgo the entire project and associated costs
and leave the money in the hands of taxpayers.

...the cost of $11 million in economic activity in Durham
is the forgone economic activity produced by taxpayers
had the project not occurred and associated costs not occurred.

It is a way in which some people can spend other peoples' money
for the benefit of a third party - and not so incidentally themselves.

Milton Friedman on government spending taxpayer money

...the supposed economic activity generated,
the $48 construction, and the annual subsidies…..
what part do politicos play in these items?

W. E. Heasley

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