Performing Arts Center: "[Notable]...Task Force Members"

"They have three objectives:

* Create an open, candid and constructive dialogue
around the needs of a performing arts center.

* Create an economic impact report
and a feasibility analysis of a downtown facility.

* Explore private investors to complement public resources.

...first meeting next Thursday, Feb. 16

...In April and May they will hold citywide forums.

...on June 19, they will file their final report to the city council.
Economic Impact / Feasibility Task Force

Betty Cone
Downtown Greensboro Contributor
Cone, Elizabeth W., $1,000.00
Cemala Foundation, $10,000.00
Worked for former Mayor Johnson’s campaignFlorence Gatten

Mac Sims

Randall Kaplan
Downtown Hotel,
Downtown Teen Curfew Advocate
Part-Owner - Empire Room
Richard Beard

Roy Carroll

Susan Schwartz
Board member of the Children’s Museum,
which received $100,000 from Greensboro’s 2010/11 budget
Cemala Foundation, $10,000.00

Charge: develop comprehensive report
of the projected economic impact on downtown
by a perfroming arts center.

...hire nationally recognized consultant
to review past studies and assess current market conditions.
Citizen Engagement Task Force

Donna Newton, co-chair

Daniel Craft

DJ Hardy

Jeff Hyde

Julie Lapham

Marsh Prause

Ray Trapp

Charge engage community members in city-wide forums.
(Results of site visits, strengths/weaknesses of current arts facilities,
result of economic impact study.)
Development / Marketing Task Force

Kathy Manning, co-chair

Frances Bullock

Gene LeBauer

George House
Downtown Hotel,
Partner Randall Kaplan is a Greensboro Partnership board member
Jamesena Watkins

Linda Sloan

Lisa Bullock

Maxine Bateman

Sam LeBauer

charge: create the strategy for raising private support needed for project.
Advisory Committee

Oversight of entire project

Henry Frye, co-chair

Denise Turner Roth, ex-officio

Donna Newton

Ed Wolverton

Ken Mayer

Matt Brown

Monty Hagler

Ross Harris, project manager

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