Think "Performing Arts Center" when you read "Horse" or "Swim"?

Naturally, some commenters to the N&R story
immediately compared the horse park to Greensboro's Aquatics Center;
of course, voters said yes to the swim center bonds.


What "swim center bonds"?

Didn't the item on the ballot say Parks and Recreation?

If the ballot said Parks and Rec,
why is the swim center at the Coliseum?

Will the Parks and Rec department manage the facility?

Will the operating losses be booked to the Coliseum
or the Parks and Rec Department?

If the pool is now going to cost more than $19.5 million,
and the inaccurately if not fraudulently titled bond on the ballot
was for about $12 million,
did the voters say yes to the extra $7.5 million?

Don't Steal From My Kids.

George Hartzman

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