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Guilford County Early Voting Statistics; 2010 Midterm Senate Race compared to so far this year and Thoughts

2014 Guilford County Early Voting 

29,901 total as of October 29, 2014......10:19AM

15,935...Dem...53% of 29,901 total



2010 Guilford County Midterm Early Voting

Total 45,144

23,237...Dem...51% of 45,144 total



2010 Statewide results

Incumbent Richard Burr (R) 55.0%
Elaine Marshall (D) 42.9%
Mike Beitler (L) 2.1%
2014 Female Early Votes as of October 29, 2014......10:19AM

16,104 = 54%

2010 Female Early Votes

24,550 = 54%
2014 African American Early Votes as of October 29, 2014......10:19AM

10,445 = 35%

2010 African American Early Votes

14,646 = 32%
2010 Total registered Guilford County Voters = 350,104







I think the Hagan/Obama Commercial wherein by Tillis where both Hagan and Obama traded faces in pictures had a positive effect for Tillis.

I think Hagan gets an overwhelming majority of Teachers, as the "raise" issue turned out to be a bit bogus on the part of Republicans in North Carolina's congress.

Both Tillis and Hagan have about the same ties to the financial industry.

I have found most are sick of the commercials and mailings.

I thought more females would have voted on teacher pay etc...

Hagan should be helped by the African American vote via the Moral Monday movement.

In Guilford County, Tillis should be helped by riding Mark Walker's coat tails.

Fewer yard signs for Tillis than Hagan.

More Walker signs than for anyone.

Looks like Unaffiliated, African Americans and teachers will decide the race.

Anger over Hagan's ties to Obama should also play in.

Not a lot of signs out except for Walker, relatively.
From the Walker, Berger primary race;

Walker Bergers Statistical Analysis; Mark Walker should win on Tuesday

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