One who intends to leave others better off for his having existed.


From Ross Harris' new gig, sponsored by Art Pope and Jim Melvin, major Phil Bergers contributer/supporters

R. Ross Harris Joins Institute of Political Leadership as Executive Director

"Ms. R. Ross Harris has been named Executive Director of the Institute of Political Leadership (IOPL), effective July 1, 2014.

The Institute is a non-partisan, nonprofit organization whose mission is to educate future political and community leaders in modern campaign strategy, ethical decision making, and governance, such that its participants will have a sound grounding in ethical behavior, consensus building, and cooperative and collaborative leadership.

Ross Harris purposefully, intentionally and knowingly misled George Hartzman
on Robbie Perkins during 2011's Greensboro mayoral race.

No other program in North Carolina offers such a comprehensive curriculum in strategic non-partisan political leadership development.

 I believe Ross Harris helped Robbie Perkins play a race card
to win Greensboro's 2011 mayoral election,
and then made more taxpayer funded income from the GPAC initiative
and then lied about Robbie Perkins' marital infidelity before the election.

...She has extensive experience as both a campaign manager [for one of the most crooked politicians in Greensboro history] and political strategist in partisan, nonpartisan, and referendum campaigns in North Carolina.

In my view, Ross Harris betrayed the trust of Greensboro's voters
while the Greensboro News & Record knew of Perkins' issues
and failed to inform the public before the election.

Elderly religious residents who would have opposed Robbie Perkins
gave him money for his campaign 
while our local press hid a truth that would have mattered to them
if they had known.

...Harris is well-known in the Triad area for her recent work as Project Manager for the Steven Tanger Performing Arts Center, [whose donor financing never seems to get finalized] a two-year initiative that involved input from the entire Greensboro community.


Her efforts included development, City Council approval, and community support for the project, [and making money from taxpayer funding thanks to Robbie Perkins' and Jim Melvin's coat tails]."
IOPL's 2012 990; $154,998 total contributions and grants, $86,148 for the Executive Director

$23,812 for accounting

15% of total contributions and grants for accounting?

Total expenses; - $95,477
IOPL's 2012 990; $203,795 total contributions and grants, $54,910 for the Executive Director

$32,505 for accounting

About 16% of total contributions and grants for accounting?

The costs for accounting don't make sense, in my view.

This is a great example of how the news industry has failed our community.

From "Greensboro Performing Arts Center Task Force Economic Impact/Feasibility Committee Minutes – February 29, 2012" and more
Why would the "Non-Biased PAC task force" hire what some believe looks like a biased, rent seeking "consultant" to study feasibility?
From June, 2013; The Greensboro News & Record's Misleading Poll on Downtown Greensboro Inc. 1:06 minutes
Is the GPAC Task Force Using a Push Poll"

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