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Libertarian North Carolina US Senate candidate Sean Haugh's answers to some economic questions from The People's Alliance

PA question #1: What do you see as the primary sources of our current economic problems? How would you begin to reduce the federal deficit? Is this an issue of not enough revenue or of overspending? What are some of the possible negative consequences of your proposed solutions?

My answer: It's super simple math, people. We are spending more money than we have. We need to cut spending drastically, starting with the war budget and corporate welfare. We also need to audit the Federal Reserve and stop their inflationary policies of printing more money. We need to base our economy on the needs of all the people, not just the bankers. I don't know if there's a way to do that without completely privatizing money. There are obviously never any negative consequences to any of my solutions, except maybe to those who make their living off of looting the economy.

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