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From Zack Matheny's Economic Development Presentation; Project Haystack and Bogus Math

The information the study was based on came from those who stand to make money on the project.

The data of how much would be invested per year was based on a fantasy.

For the 5,000 jobs, $39 million in taxes, $720 million in activity per year and $6.5 billion in private sector investment to occur, the site would have to outperform almost any site ever created in the state of North Carolina, and possibly the entire South East United States.

Bogus assumptions in by those who would profit, unrealistic propaganda by a candidate who most likely knew the numbers were no where near realistic.

Allowing the advocates of Haystack to assume $408 million incoming annual investment for more than 15 years strait, that has to my knowledge never been done at one site, in or anywhere near the Piedmont Triad over the last 20 years was a mistake on the part of the elected officials who brought the real estate players to the table, which in this case appears to have been Zack Matheny and Robbie Perkins.

Of the one data center the City has brought in over the last 10 years, the other that was supposed to be on Roy Carroll's property, which received city paid for water and sewer at an immense cost, has yet to appear. 

Now these folks want us to spend $100 million upfront with no claw backs for what hasn't really been showing up organically, other than Richard Beard's sale at Rock Creek?


Zack appears to be selling District 6 voters a bridge to nowhere.

It will be interesting to see if the campaign reports where the cut off date was before the election show more of the same patterns of pay for play in our local political legal payoff and bribery system.

Especially from the hotel folks, as that vote was meant to be before the records were released.

The election was on November 5, the cut off to disclose contributions was on October 21, 2013, about two weeks before the election, during which time there was plenty of prospecting for campaign contributions that the public would be unaware of until after January 31, 2014.


Billy Jones; Incentives In Greensboro: Part 19: Zack Matheny, Just Following Orders

Literally unbelievable Project Haystack assumptions

Zack Matheny doing what Roy Carroll told him to on economic incentives after what looks like selling taxpayer money to fund his Congressional campaign?

The Rino's John Hammer Carrying Roy Carroll's GPAC position, and the local Republican establishment

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