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City of Greensboro Information Request on Koury Corporation's $200,000

Please confirm Semptember 4, 2012's "Report of Disbursements issued from 7/30/13 thru 8/13/13" from Greensboro City Council's agenda packet shows a $200,000 payment to Koury Corporation, dated 7/31/12, for Expenses for booster pump system at The Village at North Elm, that Greensboro's City Council did not vote to approve.

Please confirm City Staff recommended denying the request for reimbursement.

Please confirm City executives previously denied the payment.

Please confirm a City of Greensboro City Council Agenda Item was created for a Settlement with Koury Corporation to Due a Damages Claim" for The Village at North Elm.

Please confirm Denise Turner Roth was Contact 1 on the agenda item.

Please confirm Denise Turner Roth requested The Village at North Elm reimbursement be placed on the 7/17/12 agenda but was not.

Please confirm Denise Turner Roth followed up about whether the payment was made or not on per Larry Davis' 7/27/2012 email to other city employees.

Please provide the Greensboro code which details that a $200,000 reimbursement/disbursement/"settlement" should have been voted on by Greensboro's City Council.
Updated; Guess who appears to have paid for Koury Corp's water pressure fix

Koury's $200,000 check paid by the City of Greensboro on 7/31/12

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