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Updated; Guess who appears to have paid for Koury Corp's water pressure fix; Please look into a mirror...

Of which City of Greensboro taxpayers had no obligation to pay, according to city staff who objected to the payment, which appears to be inflated, according to Kenney McDowell and whoever "our" opinion was;

Go back and look into the mirror again.

If you live in the City of Greensboro, you appear to have paid, via someone's actions, which Greensboro former manager Rashad and whomever Bob is denied and Michael Speedling disapproved;

Looks like Mr. Stephen D. Showfety - President, Koury Corporation, worked with Mr. Andy Scott - Assistant City Manager Economic Development, City of Greensboro, on the Greensboro Economic Development Alliance Operating Group

Looks like it was going to be on a City Council agenda, but the words below don't match the meaning of the words above.  This makes it sound as if it's the city's fault, but I can't find a City Council agenda or minutes where the vote took place;

What are Denise Turner Roth's connections to these folks that she thought this a good idea that what looks like the rest of the staff in the know objected to?;

Looks like Denise Turner Roth worked with Steven Showfety at the Greensboro Partnership while Denise was one of their lobbyists;

Why didn't Water Resources supply the resolution?


Can't find the words "Koury" or "Damage" on the June 19, 2012 City Council Agenda;

Can't find the item on July 17, 2012 agenda;

Or in the minutes;
This is awesome; Why does Larry Davis have "overbilled" in quotations?

Again on why it looks like the city shouldn't have done this;

Did Greensboro's City Council ever vote on this?

What City Council members were aware of this? It looks like they picked up a check;

When I searched for "Koury" at  which is City Council meeting archives, I didn't come up with anything on this.

Happy Friday Record's Request Day.



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