The following is a culmination of more than 13 years of ongoing research that has provided a way to discover how to navigate what “is”, and offers a vehicle for others to find answers to questions they may or may not have thought of.

Insights have been accumulated while working as a financial advisor
and portfolio manager through The Asian Currency Crisis, Y2K, The Dot.com Bubble,
9/11, The Financial Crisis of 2008-9, and continue
as subsequent geopolitical, military, economic, fiscal and monetary events occur.

What you may think I'm thinking isn’t necessarily what I'm thinking.

George Hartzman

If most were to comprehend the “realities” of what may actually be,
as opposed to what most currently think is,
an entirely different set of counterintuitive circumstances could emerge.

Effectiveness through understanding could be exponential,
as long as most continue to not know what they could.

The quotes provide context to increase comprehension,
with the fewest words in the shortest time.

Format originally conceived
to conform to financial institution marketing compliance guidelines
to teach CPAs, attorneys and investors
economics, investment planning, philosophy and business ethics.

Writing style is kind of like poetry, only enigma cocooned in inquiry
surrounded by the random chaos of Socratic thought,
which is not supposed to be easy.

The end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started
and know the place for the first time.

T. S. Eliot

If the present embodies the past and future,
rational analysis maximizes present accomplishment, and chances of success are better
for those who more accurately prognosticate the farthest into the future,
the who and why to find first is you,
before the when and how to achieve what for the longest time with the least risk.

The questions are puzzle pieces designed to initiate debate,
encourage independent verification and promote self examination.

People are usually more convinced by reasons they discovered themselves
than by those found by others.

Blaise Pascal

If what others think is true may not be what you do,
interpretations should differ.

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