One who intends to leave others better off for his having existed.


Not So Random Thoughts II

Is asking an experienced nurse at a big hospital
the best way to find a good surgeon?

Do manufacturers prefer to sell products
that require future purchases?

If almost everything that uses an electrical cord lasts longer,
could most be better off not buying fewer battery operated devices?

If taking vitamin C helps more but costs less,
why don’t most know?

Are self-made greeting cards
better received than most written by someone else?

Could reliability become more important than new technology?

Could vegetable gardens and livestock replace suburban lawns?

Does “automatic” mean you usually can’t repair it?

Is it better to go to a grocery store with a list,
when you’re not hungry?

Could some do what they don’t want,
to get what they think they need?

Could allergies be caused by excessive cleanliness?

Could you fix your microwave if it broke?

Is it better to be cheated sometimes,
than not ever trust?

Should most buy swim suits in the winter,
and ski gloves in the summer?

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