One who intends to leave others better off for his having existed.


If North Carolina’s Medicaid program ends up $700 million over budget for the year, on top of what may be $4 billion for unemployment benefits, could 2009-2010’s $19 billion state budget be 25% short?

Gov. Bev Perdue says North Carolina's Medicaid program is breaking the budget the Legislature gave state officials this summer.


Perdue told reporters Tuesday the government health insurance program for low-income children, older adults and the disabled is about $175 million over budget through the first quarter of the fiscal year. Perdue says more people are enrolling in Medicaid as the unemployment rate stays high. The governor also says the state has had to respond to the swine flu pandemic.


Charlotte Observer, December 2, 2009

 Let's not spend more than we make on what we don't need.

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