On taking a $1,000 contribution in 2009

In 2009, after receiving $1,000 unsolicited contribution from Jackie Weiland, who worked with both Zack Matheny and I, I asked the Rhino's John Hammer for advice.

I stated before then that I wouldn't accept donations of more than $100, which John among others who profit from political campaigns strenuously wanted me to not do.

The less money a candidate has, the less that can be spent on campaign vendors.

Before I cashed the check, I spoke to John Hammer, who advised me to take the money.

He then proceeded to throw me under the bus with it, as Zack Matheny had more than five times as much money to spend with Hammer and others than I did.

Funny thing how the for profit news industry endorses candidates and takes their money at the same time.

I learned a valuable lesson.

If a "journalist" who profits from political advertising money tells you you should break a campaign promise to win, and then uses it against you, don't do it before it happens.

I thank John Hammer with all my heart, for giving me reason to never trust the advice of someone who profits from the political process.

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