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“You know what the difference is between an Economist/Analyst, and a Business owner?"

When a Business owner makes a prediction on his or her business and is wrong
– the business could wind up in bankruptcy. 

When the Economist/Analyst makes a wrong prediction about business
– they just make another prediction.

" seems more relevant today than ever before in light of what is now becoming abundantly clear to near anyone with the slightest hint of common sense.

Most of the so-called “experts” paraded across the financial media as to espouse their wisdom ... are blatantly naked for anyone to see.

They expose themselves and their true acumen when they’re parsing out their rationale for what is taking place... The only article of cloth (I would equate it to a drop cloth as opposed to actual clothing) that shields the masses from seeing the truly pornographic theater the cloak now provided by the [money printing] Central Banks of the world.

It has become far too obvious that numbers no longer matter or state a true value.

What a number is, or what it now represents, is no longer what we grew up learning as in 1+1=2. That’s now considered old math.

...Remember when “give me the facts” meant just that? Or, “the numbers don’t lie?”

...Today’s [touted] experts recite figures, and facts ad nausea...: numbers now have more in common with what the definition of is – is. Rather than having an actual knowable understandable quality.

...What’s taking place as far as “debt” was once known by the another name: Ponzi. 

So is now Ponzi a good thing?

If we use most arguments made today by many economists one has to conclude: yes.

Just don’t say Ponzi, that’s bad.

They now say, “quantitative easing,” or “asset purchases.”

...if one truly listens closely, it’s ...a lip synced recording set to the beat and tone of the Federal Reserve and their bandwagon band.

...the only thing one needs to know is what the Fed, or the other central bankers will do.

...If one listens carefully that “is” what investing is in today’s adulterated markets.

...If you’re worried about “a taper tantrum” stay in only as long as another central banker will pick up the ball where this one left off. “Worries” averted.

Rinse, repeat.

...All you need to know about any number is whether or not that number means Central Banks will stay involved. Period. And it has been demonstrated over, and over, and over again...

...with the releasing of those numbers (or false narrative) into today’s market which is brimming with an algo fueled, HFT enabled, quote stuffing, ...stop running sanctioned stampeding bonanza: and welcome to your latest version of the so-called “un-rigged” markets.

...All this within a shrinking economy as our reported GDP went from positive expectations – to a negative reality.

But once again remember the “is is” comparison.

Bad – is good."

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