There are too many people

"China’s food imports have been increasing.

...if you could cram together all the farmland and pasture that it takes to grow the food just being imported by China, the total area of this land mass would be larger than the entire state of California.

...China’s 1.4 billion people consume an average 2,970 Calories per day...

With an average 8 million Calories per year for an average hectare of land (1 hectare = 2.47 acres), this means that China’s population needs over 250 million hectares, or nearly 1 million square miles, to sustain itself.

Between drought conditions, soil pollution, and a raging dustbowl, China doesn’t have anywhere near that much quality land available to grow crops and raise livestock.

...The chief economist of China’s Agriculture Ministry, Qian Keming, estimates that in the coming years, Chinese grain demand will increase by 10 million ADDITIONAL tons each year.

Based on the global average yield of 3.11 metric tons of grain per hectare, China’s growing grain demand will tie up 12,000+ additional square miles of farmland per year, every year.

...12,000 square miles is more or less the size of the Netherlands…, And all we’re really talking about is one country, one food product.

This says nothing about imports of meat, fruit, nuts, etc. Nor does it speak to the growing food demand for literally billions of other people across the developing world.

...this demand is only the tip of the iceberg."


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