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"Fight high fees in your 401(k)"

"Ian Ayres at Yale University and Quinn Curtis at the University of Virginia looked at investment options in more than 3,000 employer-sponsored 401(k) plans. The pair found that participants in an average plan paid almost a full percentage point more in annual fees than they would pay for low-cost retail index funds.

Worse, the fees in some plans were steep enough to all but wipe out one of the primary benefits of 401(k)s: the larger savings you build by making deposits in your account before taxes and deferring taxes on your investments until you withdraw funds.

401(k)/457 Qualified Plan Fees

"Phyllis Borzi had this message for 401(k) providers in so many words: Cut the crap."

"You’re Paying Too Much For Investment Help"

"Middlemen Fees are Depleting Your Retirement Accounts."

"Are You Paying Too Much For Mutual Funds?"

"The Real Cost Of Owning A Mutual Fund"

"How Much Hidden Fund Fees Cost You"

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