One who intends to leave others better off for his having existed.


David Brat; "The Republicans are not truly free market in any sense."

"Everybody's free market in theory until it effects their firm.

Everybody wants a little carve-out, or a little tax credit,
or a little of this here and there,
and it's ruining the country.

...Everybody wants to be a lawyer
because everybody's in the rent-seeking business
instead of the manufacturing and productive sectors.

...I pounded hundreds and hundreds of doors
along with at least 500 other people – at least – who knocked doors.

And out of a hundred doors, I just did the math, and everyone was turning towards me.

What was your experience in dealing with the press?

It was just benign neglect.

They would cover me just enough to say they covered me.

I called them constantly.

Cantor was continually running false ads.

They wouldn't cover the issues at all.

...Our politicians, I hope, will see tonight's event
 as just a moment of awakening where we begin to pay more attention to the people
and their needs instead of the needs of the crony capitalists up in DC.

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