"China’s massive freshwater deficiency"

"Chief Economist Qian Keming of China’s Agriculture Ministry summed it up by telling the audience at the Third China International Agribusiness Forum:

“Fresh water resources are only 2100 cubic meters per capita,
which is only 28% of the world’s average level.”


“The shortage of [water for agricultural irrigation] each year is about 30 billion cubic meters.

China imported about 148.6 billion cubic meters of water in 2013,
which was equivalent to 38% of China’s agricultural water.”
...This makes China’s deficiency a long-term headwind to their food production dilemma.

...all of this comes at a time of flat (and even declining) yields, particularly from the world’s largest food exporter… which just happens to be the United States of America.

After decades of growth, grain yields in the US have topped out.

...Africa...is actually a net importer of food.

So between the supply constraints and the constantly growing demand, it’s clear where this trend is going.

...All of this is potentially destabilizing. History shows that while human beings will put up with a lot of sacrifices at the behest of their governments, starvation is not one of them.

...Nearly every ‘developed’ western nation is bankrupt. Most major central banks are insolvent… and they’ve created bubbles everywhere.

...people are sick and tired of the status quo… of thieving politicians… of war… of getting spied on…

...at some point in our future, there will be a complete reset in the way society organizes and governs itself.

...make sure you’re wearing your seat belt."


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