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NC's Obamacare enrollees older than expected"

"The people who signed up for Affordable Care Act plans with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina turned out to be older than expected.

...The total number of those who signed up for the company's plans and paid the first premium was 232,000.

However, the enrollees tended to be older, and therefore likely less healthy, than anticipated. For example, Blue Cross anticipated those who are 55 years and older to make up 15 percent of its ACA enrollment; in fact, that segment makes up 29 percent of total enrollment.

Conversely, Blue Cross expected 50 percent of the enrollees to be younger than 35, but the actual enrollment in that age demographic is 32 percent.

...the insurer would likely have to increase premiums for the ACA plans next year.

...Of those who signed up for an ACA plan, 90 percent qualified for at least some subsidy, with the federal government covering those costs.

...roughly 85 percent of those who signed up actually paid..."

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