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N&R Inside Scoop: Amanda Lehmert; "Councilman prompts debate of Medicaid expansion"

"There's an interesting and productive debate going on over at Councilman Tony Wilkin's Facebook page.

Wilkins asked residents to weigh in on a resolution the council will consider Tuesday night. The resolution, brought forward by Mayor Nancy Vaughan and Councilman Jamal Fox, requests the state legislature to accept federal funds to expand Medicaid coverage."
The problem with the expansion isn't that the services shouldn't be offered. The problem is the federal government chose to charge the cost to our children.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) legislation included the Sustainable Healthcare physician Growth Rate (SGR), which was/is supposed to automatically cuts doctor reimbursements to make Obamacare deficit reducing. The SGR has not been enforced since 2002, as Congress undoes the cuts via the "doc fix," which Congress keeps passing and the President keeps signing. That the SGR has not been enforced means the ACA's deficit reducing cuts have never taken place, which means Obamacare looks to have similar national deficit increasing as George Bush's Medicare Part D initiative.

I believe Both Republicans and Democrats are responsible for these failures, as the "doc fix" appears to have been used as a campaign funding mechanism on both sides of the isle.

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