One who intends to leave others better off for his having existed.


In case you missed it; Local blogger linkfest; Sam Hieb, Billy Jones, Roch Smith, Ed Cone, Ben Holder, Jeff Martin, Eric Robert

Eric Robert; A simple honest request...

Billy Jones; Zack Matheny's Wyndham Text Messages

Bruce VonCannon on Prayer in Schools and government meetings

Civil rights museum can’t keep the lights on

My first five Yes Weekly Articles; 3/19/2014; ON CRONY CAPITALISM IN GREENSBORO

N&R data abuse

Jeff Martin; The N&R Feels Up the Mayor

Comments at Roch101 on GPAC financing, Wells Fargo and lack of due diligence by City of Greensboro staff

Sam Heib; N&R electric car catfight

News & Record erases story about former mayor

The Greensboro News & Record's Misleading Poll on Downtown Greensboro Inc.

Ben Holder; Health Department Visits Phongsavanh Oriental Market

On the Rhino's John Hammer, Downtown Greensboro Inc., and what appears to be a bit of bigotry

Civil Rights Museum response a warning on performing arts center

Ed Cone; another beautiful futile gesture; Medicaid Expansion

At What Point Does Failing To Provide Public Information Become Illegal?


Words I intend to deliver to Greensboro's City Council this evening on Medicaid expansion in North Carolina

Greensboro Hates You and Wants You to Die

Roy Carroll made a funny...

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