One who intends to leave others better off for his having existed.


Andrew Brod and Tim Morehead II on George Hartzman, among others

"Andrew Brod; Morgan is very, um, balanced about the unbalanced Hartzman.
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Al Wal ;Compared to the rest, he is quite sane, and educated seems to me; the public, or at least I do, looks to these types for facts government keeps hidden, not a big drama about how things are all jacked-up sans data (and nobody learns a thing on FB).
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Andrew Brod That tells us a great deal about you.
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Ann Davidson I'm still trying to get over the vision of him writing in his hot tub.
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Hank Ingram The Editor of the News and Record describes his work as "potentially dangerous". Like he is going to start a riot or something.
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David B. Craft Tag lines on his blog header.

Asset Management, Economics, Financial Ethics and Consulting; Hartzman Fiduciary

One who intends to leave others better off for his having existed.
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David C. Ribar Hey, at least George's first column is left justified.
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Hank Ingram Potentially a 500lb bomb ticking away in a hot tub.
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Ann Davidson ^ I don't think George weights that much. (-;
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Tim Moreland II He claims he was a whistleblower...
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Marshall Eakes What is George missing?
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Andrew Brod I wish my friend Ivan hadn't commented on Hartzman's Jewishness, as it's distracting us from the man's weirdness.
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Marshall Eakes should invite George to lunch and forget the silliness of his blogging might just meet a very smart guy that you can relate to. No joke intended.
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Marshall Eakes David, Have you sat down and spent time with him? I know folks with limited education that are far smarter than some professors I encounter.
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BB Knowles I like George Hartzman. I am an atheist and I was a Jew. Best of all, I am loyal.
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Al Wal I think a lot of people, given huge upcoming projects and recent foul-ups, are having enough of municipal buffoonery--the more people honestly point out problems with no personal agenda in the accusations the better.
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Al Wal You are then, truly alone.
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David McLean The Yes! editor's workload just doubled. Can George say anything in 400 words?"

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