One who intends to leave others better off for his having existed.


I disagree with Bernie Sanders on this

I believe we have already stolen more from our children than can be repaid by their parents etc...;
"America's fiscal crisis is not that our debt ceiling isn't quite high enough — it's that we have too much debt."

On Debt as a % of GDP; "Nothing can grow forever"

"We must increase our debt limit so that we can pay our bills."

'Creative' accounting hurts future generations"

John Mauldin on Social Security and Ponzi: Have America's Parents stolen thier children's inheritance?

Ron Paul and George Walker Bush on Social Security

Questions for Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke that were not likley asked during his congressional testimony

Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew reminds Congress Social Security and myRA are Ponzi schemes

President Barack Obama's myRA savings plan appears to be a Ponzi scheme

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