One who intends to leave others better off for his having existed.


From the Civil Rights Museum Audit; $4,500,000 + $1,160,000 = What did the Sit in Movement do with the $5,660,000 in fees?

Who was in charge of making sure the audit was delivered on time?

How many City Council members knew the audit wasn't delivered on time?

What did they do with the $750,000?

Who was in charge of making sure the audit was delivered on the extended date?

What actions were taken when the audit was late?

Who approved the older audits as being ok?

How many votes were cast by Greensboro citizens because of the bail out?

Why didn't Denise inform council?

Who else knew that Denise didn't inform council?

Did any council members know the other council members were kept in the dark?

What was all the money spent on?

Between this and the police settlement that appears to have not had to happen,
it seems moves were made to affect the outcome of 2013's city council races.

Why didn't the city attorney confirm the terms of the tax credit agreement,
instead of accepting verbal confirmation on a phone call?

Isn't Skip running for public office?

Should Skip and Earl and friends still have fiduciary control over the project?

Have they made any changes?

Didn't Carolina Bank declare a loan loss in their last quarterly report?

Was the loan paid off?

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